George Blanton Memorial Stadium

The family of the late George Blanton, Sr. presented a challenge gift to the people of Shelby; to build a modern football stadium.

First KickoffThe people met this challenge and in 1961 the first football game was played in the new stadium. The stadium was named after George Blanton, Sr. who, during his lifetime was actively interested in various sports. Mr. Blanton was a successful business man and civic leader who always has time to talk a little football. As a student in high school, he played semi-organized football and after enrolling at Wake Forest, he captained the Wake Forest team. After leaving Wake Forest, he retained his interest in Shelby High Football that remained with him throughout his life.

In 1969, about two thousand seats were added to increase the seating capacity to seven thousand. The running track was paved in 1974, and then repaved in 2005. In 1976, new lights were added along with a new addition to the press box. In 1985, a complete new lighting and sound system was added. In 1988, an underground irrigation system was added to make George Blanton Memorial Stadium one of the best high school football stadiums in the state.

Pearley Allen Field

AllenIn 1956 Gerald Allen was named Head Football Coach for the Golden Lions. Throughout the 21 years of being head coach he led the Golden Lions to their first Title in 1968 and 4 more throughout his career; he also coached 11 Conference titles teams. He was a North Carolina Shrine Bowl Assistant Coach in 1965 and was the Head Coach for the NC Shrine Bowl Team in 1973. He stepped down from the head coaching position in 1976 after winning the 1976 WNCHSAA 3A Title, posting a 78.28% winning average with a record of a 173 wins, 48 losses, and 13 ties. In 1998 he was inducted into the NCHSAA Hall of Fame. Coach Gerald "Pearley" Allen died in October of 2001 and the following year, September 6, 2002, the field was named in honor of him and the legacy he left at Shelby with a ceremony during halftime of the Shelby-Burns Game.

George Blanton Jr. Press Box

George Blanton Jr., the only son of George Blanton Sr. and his wife Ida Wood Blanton, led a distinguished career in banking and community service like his forbearers. He attended the Shelby City Schools and graduated from McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. George Blanton Jr. not only was the President of First National Bank but he also held different titles such as President, Director, and Chairman for many civic and community boards, projects, clubs, and other services. After the renovation in 1995, the Press Box was named to commemorate his outstanding services which he provided to The City of Shelby

Loy White Memorial Scoreboard

Camp Field House

Contributions from the families of Tom and Mariel Camp, Charles and Sue Camp, and Chip and Amber Camp, helped make the renovations and additions in 1994 to the SHS Football Field House. The Camp family honors the following Head Football Coaches: Casey Morris - 1924-1932, 1936-1955 Gerald Allen - 1956-1976 John Winston - Cleveland High School Jim Taylor - 1977-1997 and Chris Norman - 1998-2009 for their positive influence in the lives of students, the school, and for the Shelby Golden Lion Community.